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Can the machine breathe? Will it become a new trend in the home appliance industry?

In recent years, the overall growth rate of China's home appliance industry has slowed down and gradually entered the stock market from the incremental market, but people's yearning for a better life has not weakened. With the impact of the epidemic, people's health awareness has been awakening. The TV should be able to protect the eyes, the refrigerator should be able to keep fresh, antibacterial and deodorant in one, the washing machine should be able to remove mites and germs efficiently, the air conditioner should be able to purify the air, and so on. For durable consumer goods such as household appliances, the concept of health has become an indispensable standard.

The fresh air conditioner with the "ventilation" function took the lead and became popular with the influence of external factors such as haze and epidemic and the deepening of the concept of healthy breathing. According to the published data of GFK, the sales volume of fresh air conditioners in the first three quarters of last year increased by 83% year on year, and the sales volume increased by 57.9% year than last year. The retail volume in 2022 was 6.25 billion yuan, up 37.1% year on year. It is expected that by 2023, the domestic fresh air air-conditioning market is expected to achieve a volume increase of 54% and 41.7%.

Last year, Gree, Midea, Haier, Hisense, TCL, AUX, Changhong and other mainstream air conditioning brands launched a new generation of upgraded products, further improving user comfort in terms of fresh air volume, noise, temperature and humidity regulation. After the release of the epidemic policy, people's attention to health will only increase. As the representative of health air conditioning, fresh air air conditioning will still be the main functional demand in the next few years. According to offline monitoring data of Ovi Cloud, the retail penetration of fresh air conditioning has reached 8.2%. Industry insiders believe that the fresh air conditioner combining high-end, healthy and intelligent directions is the new outlet for the industry development, and the two-way fresh air may become the new focus of competition.

When the new wind blows into the refrigerator and washing machine market, ice washing products that can breathe and breathe are also born.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have a deeper understanding of the concept of health, and healthy fresh storage has become one of the essential elements of refrigerator shopping. Hisense has released the new air vacuum ultra-thin refrigerator, which is equipped with rotor-wing new air technology. It can not only purify the air 24 hours without interruption, change the turbidity into fresh, but also cooperate with the full-space ion sterilization function to achieve three minutes of sterilization and a quarter of an hour of purification, so that users will not be bothered by odor. Multi-party data show that in 2022, the retail sales of healthy refrigerators with functions of sterilization, sterilization and flavor purification will account for more than 30%, and this proportion will continue to rise in the future.

A few days ago, some media reported that a washing machine with the logo of "Healthy New Wind" was found in the store. It is understood that this washing machine is equipped with new wind technology newly invented by Casarte. This technology has innovated the inner air and outer circulation system. The inner cylinder can reach the dryness of the indoor air half an hour after washing clothes; Through the application of AI smart shake dispersion technology and 360 ° circular air supply technology, it can avoid wrinkles in clothes while preventing odor, and solve the user's pain points and industry difficulties in dehumidification and odor suppression of washing machines.

Some industry experts have said that with the further improvement of sterilization, antibacterial, air exchange and other technical levels, the sterilization and health protection methods of household appliances will also expand from "single" to "combined", and health will become the main direction of the upgrading of household appliances in the future. Under the new consumption environment, consumers' consumption concepts are more mature, and higher requirements are also put forward for product quality and experience. So, is this "new wind" likely to become the next direction of the home appliance industry?


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