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Shaoxing Shangyu Hoping Electric Appliance Co., Ltd, established in 2013, is a professional China Nagashi Somen Machine Manufacturers with experience in household appliances that meet CE, RoHS, GS, LFGB and other certifications, and specializes in Wholesale Nagashi Somen Machine and other products. As an OEM/ODM China Nagashi Somen Machine Factory, we provide 1 year warranty for any product we manufacture and focus on developing high quality products for the high-end market. Our factory has passed BSCI, SEDEX, BRC and ISO9001. We have 4 production lines and produce more than 2.5 million small kitchen appliances annually, so we can easily meet the needs of customers with different purchasing volumes. Welcome to negotiate with us.

Why Choose Us

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    We have a strong R&D team,we can customize logo and product looks and adjust product structure according to the customers’ requirements.

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    We have our own factory and 12 plastic injection molding machines,so we are very good at controlling the cost . Factory direct sale, price cheapest.

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    We have experienced full-time QC staffs, QC Lab and professional inspection equipment, which ensure us to monitor the production full day, inspect products any time, to make sure the product quality.

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    We have 4 production stream line , manufacture over 2.5 million pcs of small kitchen appliances, so,we can easily meet the needs of customers with different purchase quantity.

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    As a professional Custom Nagashi Somen Machine Suppliers, We provide 1-year guarantee on any products we produced, and focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets. Our Factory has passed BSCI,SEDEX,BRC and IOS 9001.

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    Factory located in Shangyu,Shaoxing, only 100 km from the Ningbo Port, one and half an hour’s drive, and only 220km from Shanghai Port, 3 hours’ drive. So it is very convenient and efficient for us to ship goods to any country in the world.


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Industry Knowledge Extension

Nagashi Somen Machine Manufacturers

Introduce of nagashi somen machine :
A nagashi somen machine is a device that is used to create a flowing stream of somen noodles, which diners can catch and eat with their hands as the noodles pass by. Nagashi somen machines are often used at special events, such as summer festivals or parties, as a fun and interactive way to enjoy the dish.
Nagashi somen machines typically consist of a long, narrow chute or channel made of transparent plastic or glass, and a water pump or other mechanism to create a flowing stream of water. The somen noodles are placed in the chute, and the water pump is turned on to create a flow of water that carries the noodles through the chute. Diners can catch the noodles with their hands or chopsticks as they pass by, and dip them in a dipping sauce before eating.
Shaoxing Shangyu Hoping Electric Appliance Co., Ltd is a manufacturing facility that produces Nagashi somen machines, which are devices used to create a flowing stream of somen noodles that can be caught and eaten by hand. 
In a Nagashi somen machine factory, the manufacturing process may involve several steps, such as:
Design and development: This step involves creating the design and layout of the Nagashi somen machine, including its size, shape, and materials.
Procurement of raw materials: The factory acquires the raw materials needed to produce the Nagashi somen machine, such as plastic, metal, and electrical components.
Fabrication: The various parts of the Nagashi somen machine are fabricated using techniques such as injection molding, stamping, or casting.
Assembly: The various parts of the Nagashi somen machine are assembled using techniques such as welding, gluing, or screwing.
Testing and quality control: The finished Nagashi somen machine is tested to ensure that it meets the required specifications and standards. Any defective or faulty units are identified and repaired or rejected.

Production of  nagashi somen machine :
Nagashi somen is a traditional Japanese dish in which thin wheat noodles are served in a running stream of cold water, and diners catch the noodles with their chopsticks as they pass by. A nagashi somen machine is a specialized appliance that is used to create the flowing stream of water and to dispense the noodles.
The production of a nagashi somen machine involves a number of steps, including:
Design and development: This involves creating the initial design for the nagashi somen machine and refining it through testing and prototyping.
Raw materials sourcing: This involves acquiring the various raw materials that will be used in the production of the nagashi somen machine, such as plastics, metals, and electronics.
Manufacturing: This involves using various tools and equipment to transform the raw materials into the finished product. This can include processes such as injection molding, metal stamping, and assembly line production.
Testing and quality control: This involves ensuring that the nagashi somen machine meets all relevant safety and performance standards before it is shipped to customers.
The production of a nagashi somen machine may also involve the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies, such as robotics and computer-controlled equipment, to ensure efficiency and accuracy in the manufacturing process.