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-In the dazzling Chinese elements of Qatar World Cup, Chinese household appliance brands show Chinese strength

"The global vision turns to Qatar"! On November 20, the 2022 Qatar World Cup kicked off. If you observe carefully, you will find that in this World Cup, although the Chinese team did not show up, there are Chinese elements everywhere. Chinese referees, Chinese sponsors, Chinese construction, Chinese goods... even netizens teased that, except for the national football team, even pandas have gone to Qatar.

At present, topics such as "more than half of the peripheral products come from Yiwu" and "Yiwu made products enter the World Cup" have aroused heated discussion on the Internet. According to the estimation of Yiwu Sports Goods Association, from the flag of the top 32 of the World Cup to the horn and whistle, from football to the shirts, scarves, and the ornaments and pillows of the World Cup, "Made in Yiwu" accounts for almost 70% of the market share of the commodities around the World Cup. In addition to the surrounding commodities that have arrived in Qatar from Yiwu, the construction machinery, transportation equipment and electronic equipment from Qatar this year, and even the construction of the final venue, the Russell Stadium, all of which reflect the importance of "Made in China" and "Chinese technology" to this World Cup.

As we all know, the World Cup, as one of the most influential experience events in the world, has already become a marketing arena for major brands, including Chinese home appliance brands. Looking back at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, many Chinese home appliance brands participated in it. For example, Hisense was the official sponsor of that session, VATTI Electric sponsored the star studded French team, Vanward sponsored the Argentina team, Belgium signed Changhong (Meiling), TCL signed Neymar as the brand promotion ambassador, Uruguay striker Suarez spoke on behalf of Gome mobile phones, and the air conditioners in the event venues were contracted by Midea and Gree.

Some people say that the 2022 Qatar World Cup is different from any previous one. This is the first World Cup in the post epidemic era. The most important football match will become the emotional outlet of fans. This is also the first winter World Cup in the Northern Hemisphere. The 28 day competition cycle from November 20 to December 18 runs through the Double 11 and Christmas season, which is really the peak season for marketing transformation. According to the prediction of FIFA, the current Qatar World Cup will attract more than 5 billion viewers worldwide, setting a new record for the number of viewers. And these are not a missed stage for Chinese enterprises that focus on marketing, especially for Chinese household appliance enterprises that are trying to expand the global market.

It is understood that there are four Chinese enterprises among the official sponsors of the Qatar World Cup: Wanda Group, Hisense Group, Mengniu Dairy and vivo, all of which are important "Chinese faces" of this top event. According to the data of Global Data, a British research company, the sponsorship amount of Chinese enterprises in this World Cup reached a new height. Wanda, Mengniu, Hisense and vivo sponsored 1.395 billion US dollars (about 10 billion yuan) for the World Cup, more than 1.1 billion US dollars for American enterprises.

During the opening match of the World Cup last night, billboards of Hisense TV and vivo mobile phones stood beside the stadium. In this regard, people in the industry said that Hisense may be the most financially powerful Chinese home appliance brand in the World Cup, not only because it has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to become an official sponsor of the World Cup, but also because of the "China First and the World Second" on the billboards on the field. Many netizens laughed that China's advertising law can not control the action in Qatar.

Of course, in addition to being an official sponsor, some Chinese household appliance brands chose to "save the country with curves" and entered the World Cup by signing teams. For example, TCL, an intelligent manufacturing technology enterprise that joined hands with Brazil in the World Cup, has a registered capital of 14.03 billion yuan, which can buy about 70 million World Cup commemorative football, enough to cover 1500 football fields. This year, VATTI officially announced the signing of the Portuguese national team, officially became the partner of the Portuguese team in the World Cup, and launched a nationwide campaign to guess VATTI's championship team on Weibo. The winners will share a 100000 yuan prize. You should know that in the last World Cup, among many Chinese enterprises that sponsored the World Cup and related teams and stars in various ways, VATTI successfully won the World Cup with the "French team won the championship, and VATTI withdrew all the money" activity, which became popular throughout the network. In addition, Wanhe Electric sponsored the German team and Wanjiale sponsored the Argentina team. In a word, on the course of this World Cup, you may find the shadow of Chinese household appliance enterprises on the players of various countries. Behind this is the firm step of Chinese household appliance brands to open their doors to the world!

In addition, in this year's World Cup, there are not only visible Chinese home appliance brands, but also invisible brand strength. For example, when you are in such venues as the Education City Gymnasium, you will enjoy the comfortable and pleasant temperature here. You may not see the brand's eye-catching exposure, but you can feel the strong pulse of Made in China - because we are familiar with the Chinese brand Midea and Gree to provide air conditioning services. Among them, Midea's core products, such as multi online, cabinet machines and roof top machines, have been used in several major venues of this event. In addition, these products are also used in many scenes such as the security inspection center, media center, and venue ancillary facilities to provide athletes, volunteers, media, and spectators with an all-round and more comfortable air experience. The central air conditioners of the Education City Gymnasium, 974 Gymnasium, Martina Fan Village and other World Cup venues are provided by Gree Electric, with a total of more than 40000 sets.

In a word, whether it is "high-profile" or "low-key" appearance in world-class games, or signing teams or stars, Chinese home appliance brands have "participated" in this World Cup in various ways, which shows that Chinese home appliance brands have already possessed the strength of global competition and strong self-confidence, at the same time, it also shows that Chinese enterprises have improved their awareness of overseas marketing. Taking advantage of the World Cup marketing, both the direct promotion of product sales and the indirect promotion of the brand's global popularity have played a significant role. To paraphrase a sentence from Ronaldo's advertising film, from all-out efforts to victory, this is the beginning of the Chinese brand becoming strong.

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