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Cold thoughts on small household appliances that have become popular on the Internet

They are lovely in appearance, easy to operate and free hands. They are the products of the era of "single economy" and "lazy economy". With the help of "home economy", a number of personalized, intelligent and diversified small household appliances such as smart sweepers, mini washing machines, low-sugar rice cookers have entered people's vision. However, its products are criticized by consumers because of their uneven quality and poor after-sales service. In the "Analysis of Complaints Accepted by the National Consumers' Association in 2022" recently released by the China Consumers' Association, the hot sales of emerging home appliances have also become the focus of complaints. On the arrival of "March 15", the reporter conducted a visit to reveal the "love and hate" between consumers and online popular small appliances for you.

Blindly follow the trend and become idle

Sandwich machine, yoghurt machine, mini juicer, bean sprout machine... Ms. Xu, a citizen who is preparing to move, looked at a pile of small household appliances in front of her and felt worried. These things are not used often and still occupy space. It feels like chicken ribs. "At that time, listening to the eloquent explanation of the anchor, she was hot headed, and immediately placed the order. Who knows, after the enthusiasm, these things became things that occupied land and fell into ashes." Ms. Xu said that in the past two years, she was addicted to buying things on the Internet, but she did not consider the practicality of many small appliances. The experience was not as beautiful as expected. After a long time, most of them were idle.

Ms. Chen was also "planted with grass". She is a single white-collar worker who advocates quality life, and the emerging online popular small household appliances with high beauty and personality "break into" her life. The available underwear washing machines, egg steamers and other small household appliances made her want to roast. "Take this washing machine for example, the capacity is small, and the declared high-temperature sterilization function is decoration." She said that this underwear washing machine can only put two pairs of underwear, and the washing time is 20 minutes. The so-called sterilization is simply heating, the most important thing is that the washing effect is not ideal. "It is better to use boiling water and then wash it by hand."

The user experience is not good, so it is naturally discarded and discarded. This is the fate of some small household appliances that are popular online. The reporter saw on the second-hand trading platform that there are many kitchen and washing products in the turnover information of idle small household appliances, which are almost 89% new. Although the price is not expensive, the trading volume is not optimistic.

After-sales maintenance is not up to standard

Originally, I wanted to free my hands to experience high-quality life, but the actual situation is not good, which makes many consumers question the small household appliances on the Internet. In the interview, the reporter learned that, in addition to the dissatisfaction of consumers in the sense of experience, some small appliances have "moisture" in the function promotion, and the difficulty of after-sales protection is also the reason for roast.

Mr. Yan, 41, has a little high blood sugar, so he wants to control his diet. He accidentally found that a "low-sugar rice cooker" on the Internet was selling very well, and gladly placed an order to buy it. The product mainly focuses on the concept of "low sugar", but the actual use effect is not obvious. He has some doubts about this. Later, he learned from the results of a comparative experiment of "low-sugar rice cookers" released by the Guangdong Provincial Consumers Association that this kind of rice cooker can only reduce the sugar content in rice to a certain extent, but it is completely different from reducing human blood sugar. If the merchants take lowering blood sugar as the selling point, they need to pay special attention.

The inexpensive electric toothbrush could not be charged after half a year of use, which made Ms. Li very depressed and wanted to repair it, but when contacting the seller blogger at that time, she was repeatedly pushed away, and finally lost the following information, so she had to discard it. The dishwasher purchased online by Mr. Han, a consumer who was "in the same boat" with Ms. Li, also "overturned". It was stuck many times during use and had to be shut down by force. He contacted the after-sales service personnel to repair it, but it was delayed again and again. It was confirmed that there was a quality problem, but it could not be returned after the return time.

It's hard to last only on your beauty

It is difficult to guarantee the product quality and after-sales service because of its high appearance but not practical. This is the experience of many consumers on some popular small household appliances. The "Analysis of Complaints Accepted by the National Consumers' Association in 2022" recently released by the China Consumers' Association pointed out that while various emerging home appliances are popular with consumers, there are also many complaints in relevant fields, mainly reflected in the following: the emerging home appliances such as cooking machines, air purifiers, floor sweeping robots, projectors and other popular products emerge in an endless stream, and it is difficult for consumers to protect their rights after disputes; The quality of some "net-red" small household appliances has been criticized, for example, the virtual standard power, the lack of "3C" certification and so on, which have potential safety hazards; The installation and maintenance charges are chaotic. For example, the merchants promise free door-to-door installation, but use fraudulent means to promote various expensive auxiliary materials or charge fees that were not explicitly stated before.

Many small household appliances have successfully achieved "breakthrough" and promoted to "online celebrity" products through network "drainage", breaking the deadlock of the traditional household appliance industry. However, the lack of experience has become a "stumbling block" on the way forward. A person with deep experience believes that if the quality and technology of emerging home appliances are not precipitated, they will not be able to stand firm in the market and will not go far only in marketing.

Purchase regular products

How to buy household appliances with guaranteed quality? The reporter interviewed Li Guiqin, secretary general of the Provincial Household Appliance Industry Service Association. "It is not recommended to buy products that are too cheap. After all, any product has a cost." Li Guiqin suggested that various small household appliances on the market are mixed, and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, try to choose electrical appliance brand stores or large supermarket household appliance sales areas to buy; If you buy online, pay attention to the manufacturer and address of the product and whether there is after-sales service guarantee.

When purchasing small household appliances, it is best to identify the formal brand, carefully check whether the product is marked with "3C" logo, and whether it is marked with various technical indicators, especially pay attention to whether the manufacturer's after-sales service telephone is accurate. "If problems are found in the use, they should communicate with the merchants to solve them at the first time." Li Guiqin suggested that if consumers encounter disputes and fail to negotiate with the merchants, they can complain and report to the market supervision department and the consumer association, and protect their rights and interests reasonably and legally.


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