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Expanding Domestic Demand, Promoting Consumption, and Stabilizing Growth: Home Appliances "Revitalize New Trends" and Stimulate Consumption Vitality

Since 2023, with the deepening of China's policies to stabilize the economy and promote consumption, consumer confidence has gradually increased. Cars, home appliances, home furnishings, and catering, as the "Four Great Kings" of traditional consumption, have also become key areas for restoring and expanding consumption.

Since the beginning of this year, China's consumer market has steadily recovered, laying the foundation for achieving the annual target. Recently, Vice Minister of Commerce Sheng Qiuping stated at a press conference of the National Development and Reform Office that in 2023, we will focus on key consumption areas such as automobiles and home appliances, implement policies that have already been implemented, actively promote the introduction of a series of consumer promotion policies and measures, promote green and smart home appliance consumption, and further unleash the potential of bulk consumption.

Recently, the China Home Appliance Service and Maintenance Association officially launched the "2023 Hundred Cities, Thousand Villages, and Ten Thousand Household Appliances Benefiting the People, Revitalizing the Old and Revitalizing the New" activity. At the launch ceremony, Jiang Ming, President of the China Federation of Commerce, pointed out that the revitalization trend is an important measure to promote the government's expansion of domestic demand, promote consumption, stabilize growth, replace old appliances with new ones, bring smart appliances to the countryside, save energy and protect the environment, stimulate market vitality, and stimulate consumer demand. "The revitalization trend will play an important role in promoting economic development and promoting high-quality development of the home appliance service industry

Liu Xiumin, President of the China Household Electrical Appliances Service and Maintenance Association and Leader of the Revitalization Working Group, stated that Revitalization is an important measure for the association to deepen and enrich the entire industry chain and cross-border cluster development of the household appliance service industry, which is an important component of the modern service industry, and to promote the high-quality service development of the household appliance service industry.

Liu Xiumin pointed out that in 2023, the Association will unite with air-condition brand enterprises with a market share of 70% - 80% to launch a wave discharging trend of air conditioners, which will be divided into three stages in the future.

Home appliances are the carrier of a better life, while air conditioning is considered a "weapon" to combat the scorching heat. Air conditioners that have exceeded their safe lifespan may experience problems such as water leakage, poor cooling, or non cooling, and even become 'electric tigers'. At the same time, when air conditioners exceed their service life, the evaporator fins will oxidize, accumulate dirt, easily pollute the indoor environment, cause respiratory diseases, and become' health killers'. Zhao Jie, vice president and spokesperson of the association, believes that consumers should promptly eliminate air conditioners that have exceeded their lifespan and choose green ones Energy efficient, intelligent, and healthy air conditioning products awaken new concepts, exchange for new products, and revitalize a new life.

To protect consumer rights and interests, Zhao Jie stated that the association will collaborate with enterprises to develop relevant standards, conduct training, assessment, and record keeping management for door-to-door collection personnel, ensure the orderly promotion of the new trend of air conditioning collection, and reasonably discount old household appliances. At the same time, smooth channels for collecting and exchanging old products for new ones facilitate consumers to experience the quality enjoyment brought by new products.


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