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Hoping Commended by Government

Hoping Electric Appliance is encouraged and commended by the local government for its performance in the competition with other enterprises in 2021.

Hoping is devoted to provide customers with satisfactory and considerate service, from 2003, when it’s founded to present, Hoping receives recognition from numerous customers all around the world. In order to catch up with the trends and keep up with the time, Hoping views innovations as the core value of the company, for which receive acknowledgement again,  encouraged and commended by the municipal government.

Kenneth, manager of Hoping says:“ Receiving commendation from government is an huge acknowledgement for our devotion to development of small domestic appliance these years, we feel very pleased being recognized and liked by the public, meanwhile we will stick to our original mind, advance with the time, (we know) innovations and good service will push us to go farther. In future, we will work harder, try to serve more customers and make Hoping products enter life of more people . ”


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