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Improve happiness index from small household appliances

Whenever the word "happiness" is mentioned, it seems to exaggerate its concept even more. However, from the perspective of ordinary people, happiness is to return home and enjoy the comfort brought by family life after finishing busy work. According to statistics, according to Taobao's "consumption classification of lazy people", the post-00s can almost be called "all-around lazy people". Nearly 90% of the post-00s in each category are recruited, and 90% of the post-00s can't cook; 79.5% of the post-95 are domestic command experts.

People of the same age have learned that liberating their hands can help them gain more happiness. "It's tiring to go home, and I don't want to spend time on cleaning, washing dishes, and washing clothes." Obviously, for young people, they are more willing to do things that make them happy as much as possible in the limited rest time, rather than doing housework. The mechanized operation of traditional household appliances is obviously incompetent. Therefore, we need more scientific and convenient small household appliances to help them solve this problem.

The sweeping robot is the best solution to solve the domestic problems. According to the data of Ovi Cloud, from January to August 2022, the sales of China's sweeping robot market reached 6.9 billion yuan, accounting for 39% of the total clean appliance market, ranking the first in the clean appliance market, with a year-on-year increase of 13%. It is worthy of becoming an important growth engine of the clean appliance industry. The stone technology sweeping robot can automatically replenish water in the clean water tank, automatically drain the sewage tank, automatically dry the mop, automatically add cleaning liquid and other functions; COVOS DIGITAL T10 OMNI uses intelligent voice assistant to realize that the ground will be clean after one word; Free hands completely. Tikovan series of floor washers can suck dust and water at the same time, which has longer endurance and service life. Equipped with LED intelligent display screen, you can clearly see whether the floor is clean, so that there is no sanitary dead corner in the whole house.

Contemporary young people will pursue more refined and enjoyable life, and coffee is an essential drink in their work. If you can enjoy a cup of professional coffee at home at any time to refresh your mind, it can greatly improve their happiness index. According to data, from January to October 2022, the overall sales of the omni-channel electric coffee machine market reached 1.69 billion yuan, up 36.3% year on year. Affected by the "Double 11" in October, the growth rate of online market reached 70.1%. Among them, the most popular one is the automatic coffee machine, which is "produced with one button" and has more stable quality. Siemens EQ700 full-automatic coffee machine, with a 5-inch super-large display screen, can not only customize the exclusive coffee fragrance, but also steam self-cleaning of the milk bubble system, which is easy and convenient.

As an important scene of family life, the living room is loved and recognized by the majority of young people with the advantages of large projection screen, small body and mobile. For example, the standard resolution of Jimi H51080 supports automatic trapezoidal correction without sensitivity, and the wall color is adaptive; Nuts N1Pro has more outstanding color, no need to pull the curtain in the daytime, no need to turn on the light at night, and 1600:1 native ultra-high contrast. According to IDC Review of China's Projector Market in 2022, the overall shipment volume of China's projection market in 2022 was 5.05 million units, up 7.4% year on year. With only one projector, you can feel the ultimate experience in the cinema at home and realize the freedom of watching movies without going out. After work, it is difficult to live a happy life by sitting on the sofa and watching a favorite movie.

If you will also be troubled by the trivial things in life and lose your sense of happiness in work day after day, try to change the existing things in life, improve the quality of life and bring more happiness through these small appliances.


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