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Is the success of Laifen an accident or necessity of high-speed hair dryer?

New forces are often used to describe the new phenomenon and new enterprises that are emerging rapidly in a certain industry. In the hair dryer industry, many new forces have also emerged in recent years. Laifen Technology is one of them. This enterprise with hair dryer as its core product has been established for only four years, but it has rapidly occupied the high-speed hair dryer market. After becoming popular with "Affordable alternatives for Dyson", it has made a declaration of "technology inclusion", Its market size has also increased correspondingly.

 With the help of "Affordable alternatives for Dyson" marketing, Laifen achieved a surprise growing

In GfK's latest release of "Top 10 Phenomenon-level Products in the Category of Personal Care Household Appliances from 2022 to 2023", two hair dryer products are mentioned, one is Dyson SUPERSONIC HD08, and the other is Laifen LF03. In 2022, the retail share of Laifen LF03 in hair dryer products is 12.6%, and the retail share of Dyson SUPERSONIC HD08 is 36.6%. Although there is still a gap between the market share of Laifen and Dyson's products, it is not difficult to see its rapid catch-up trend, The report also mentioned that Laifen's product "all parameters directly follow the Dyson hair dryer".

 In the case of little difference in parameter performance, the price of Dyson SUPERSONIC HD08 e-commerce website is 2580 yuan, and that of Laifen LF03 is 599 yuan. Such a huge price difference is not difficult to guess how much the "killer mace" that Laifen can quickly occupy the market has to do with the price.

 According to relevant media reports, in December 2021, the retail sales volume of Laifen, which has just been established for two years, was only 7 million yuan, while from January to September 2022, the sales volume of Laifen had reached nearly 1 billion yuan, and the average monthly sales volume reached 100 million yuan.

 Back in 2019, at that time, Dongguan Laifen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was just established. But it was not until two years later that the first hair dryer LF01 of Laifen was launched. At present, there are only two hair dryer products on its official website. How did Laifen stir up the market with several hair dryers?

 This starts with Dyson's creation of the high-speed hair dryer category. Dyson added high-speed rotor design to the hair dryer for the first time by virtue of its technical accumulation in the vacuum cleaner industry, thus creating a new category and quickly gaining market recognition. The new appearance, experience and high price make many people proud of owning a Dyson hair dryer.

 The emerging track has never lacked a follower. In the process of Dyson's rapid occupation of the hair dryer market, as mentioned above, a number of "new forces" are also eager to try. Laifen, Xiaomi, Zhibai, Suji, and Meimei have also launched high-speed hair dryer products. Without exception, many brands have seized the market and played a marketing strategy of "Dyson Pinti". Returning to the previous question, how did Laifen stand out?

 Chen Hanshuai, senior analyst of GfK China hair dryer category, said, "Although Xiaomi, Soocas and other brands have also played "Affordable alternatives for Dyson"and other marketing campaigns, the price of Laifen is lower than that of other brands, reaching more than 500 yuan. Moreover, the SE version will be further launched in 2022, with a price of only 300 yuan, which basically achieves the price of high-speed hair dryers that other brands on the market cannot do. Secondly, from the marketing side, whether from online social media (Xiaohongshu, Tiktok, etc.) It is also offline building elevators, subways and other channels that have carried out 'bombing' advertisements to further deepen the brand impression of consumers, and equate Laifen with 'high-performance high-speed hair dryer'. "

 A hairdryer industry personage who didn't want to be named further explained to the reporter of China Home Appliance Network why Laifen could lower the price than other brands, he said, "When some brands such as Xiaomi and Soocas first launched high-speed hair dryers, the price was more than 1000 yuan, while the price of the first Laifen hair dryer directly reached 599 yuan. This is because with the popularization of high-speed brushless motors in hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric fans and other products, this technology has gradually matured, and the cost of brushless motors has also greatly decreased. For example, the cost of an early brushless motor was more than 200 yuan, and now a brushless motor The cost of ordinary brushless motors can reach 70 yuan, 80 yuan or even lower, and the cost price has dropped by more than half. The launch of Laifen is just in time for the cost of core components to decline. In addition, the design and experience of its own products are really good, so it is relatively successful in the similar  "Affordable alternatives for Dyson".


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