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Is your small household appliance "eating dirt" when buying and using it to "reduce fever"?

Sandwich machine, aromatherapy machine, health pot, dental rinse, mini washing machine These exquisite and diverse small appliances that can enhance home happiness have successfully "planted grass" under the "Beautiful Kitchen" filter of many online bloggers, sparking a "buying frenzy" among young consumer groups. Consumers have become a new trend by posting photos of using small household appliances on social media platforms to showcase their exquisite and happy lives.

But the reporter found that many small household appliances are idle after being used a few times, and more products are hung on second-hand trading platforms. Small household appliances are beginning to face dual challenges from the market and reputation.

The "One Ground Chicken Feather" under the "Aesthetic" Filter

Fry a chicken breast in an air fryer in the morning; Make a cup of mellow coffee using a coffee machine; Turn on the yogurt machine again and take out the homemade yogurt that was scheduled the night before; Crispy bread slices popped up in the sandwich machine... This is a breakfast scene shared by many online bloggers. In the video, the blogger showcased the ritual and technological sense of "small and beautiful" through a breakfast. The exquisite layout, elegant color scheme, and relaxed music captured the hearts of many kitchen "little white" people and willingly purchased the same product as the internet celebrity.

However, the reporter found that the impulsive consumption driven by the blogger "Beautiful Kitchen" is difficult to maintain long-term popularity.

During an interview with reporters, Mr. Zuo, a consumer, showcased the idle small household appliances at home. The reporter saw that behind the kitchen door of Mr. Zuo's house, there were original juice machines, wall breaking machines, coffee machines and soybean milk machines in order. Mr. Zuo told the reporter: "I bought the original juice machine and the wall breaking machine in 2019, and the coffee machine and the soybean milk machine last year. These small appliances have been used less than 10 times in total, and have not been used in the kitchen for a long time. The main reason why they are idle is the trouble of cleaning. It takes 20 minutes to clean the machine after making a cup of coffee in 5 minutes. It takes 10 liters of water to clean the original juice machine after drinking 0.5 liters of juice. At first, they feel very fresh, but after several times of use, they don't want to use again It's a pity to throw it away, it's troublesome to use it Mr. Zuo said helplessly.

Ms. Liao, who has the same experience as Mr. Zuo, also said that seeing the short video blogger making breakfast herself felt very healthy and had a good quality of life, so she bought a sandwich machine and an egg steamer. After using it for a few days, he found that he had to wake up at least 30 minutes early, finish it in 10 minutes, finish it in 5 minutes, and clean it in 15 minutes to make breakfast every morning very urgent. Therefore, after taking photos and checking in, these small household appliances are placed in the cabinet to eat ashes.

Is it "real demand" or "follow the trend"

The 2022 China Home Appliance Consumer Insight Report shows that consumers have clear psychological expectations for small appliances: spending less than 500 yuan, possessing high appearance, convenient use, and can enhance happiness. Small appliances that prioritize price advantages allow consumers to quickly place orders without careful consideration. However, as consumers' sense of freshness disappears, many drawbacks of small appliances also emerge one by one, such as "high appearance but not practical", "time-consuming and laborious use", "single function, poor experience", and other issues gradually emerge.

There are also endless lists of "chicken ribs" small household appliances on the internet. The "Minesweeping Report" released by the second-hand trading platform Xianyu once selected "Top Ten Useless Goods", among which breakfast machines, wall breaking machines, fascia guns, air fryers, and other small household appliances are prominently listed. The report points out that small household appliances have a single function and are replaceable, which not only easily leads to idleness but also makes it difficult to maintain value.

In the comment section of many online bloggers' "Sharing Good Things at Home" videos, reporters saw many netizens leave messages about their consumption experiences. Don't let bloggers place orders just because they are easy to use and easy to operate. Instead, think rationally about whether you really have a need to use them. "" A small capacity oven may not take up space, but the thought of baking requiring a large amount of kitchen utensils instantly dispels the desire to make a purchase. People like me who are hot for three minutes should go out and buy bread to eat. "It is not difficult to find that in the comment section of the" Grass Planting "video, There are also many picky and eager young consumers who are no longer blinded by the "filters" of exquisite life on the internet. Their rational consumption consciousness makes them repeatedly think about whether a new product is suitable for them and whether they really need it.

Planting Grass Should Seize the Pain Points of Consumption

The rise of "grass planting" bloggers and live streaming sales has sparked the purchasing impulse of young consumers and expanded new channels for the sales of small household appliances. For a while, brands such as Midea, Panasonic, Little Bear, and Meiling entered the market, and small home appliances have become a new competitive arena for many home appliance brands.

According to data from Tianyancha, there are over 1 million domestic enterprises related to small home appliances. Under enormous competitive pressure, the transformation and upgrading of small home appliances with increasingly homogeneous products is urgent. The reporter noticed that some small home appliance brands that have rapidly emerged through e-commerce platforms have mostly not developed unique core technologies. Instead, they obtain goods from factories, label them, and then sell them online to increase sales through price advantages. Over time, such brands may be phased out.

Liang Zhenpeng, a senior industry economic observer and home appliance industry analyst, believes that the small home appliance market is currently very saturated. If enterprises want to make breakthroughs, they need to put in effort in product innovation, technological research and development, and product quality. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to user experience, seize the pain points of consumption, and develop small home appliance products that coexist beauty and practicality. Liang Zhenpeng reminded consumers that, from the perspective of consumption, consumers should make rational choices when facing small household appliances with low prices, and consider their use frequency before purchasing.


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