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Municipal risk monitoring of floor sweeping robot product quality in Suzhou in 2022

Announcement on the municipal risk monitoring of sweeping robot product quality in 2022 (Issue 3)

In recent years, the quality risk of sweeping robot products has been the focus of attention of consumers, government departments and various news media. Many media have reported the quality risk of sweeping robot in all aspects. In order to evaluate the quality and safety of sweeping robot products, in the second half of 2022, the Suzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau entrusted the Suzhou Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute to carry out municipal product risk monitoring on sweeping robot products, and announced the relevant information as follows:

1Risk monitoring

A total of 10 batches were sampled for this risk monitoring, including 6 batches for manufacturing enterprises and 4 batches for physical stores. Risk monitoring items include coverage rate, hard floor dust removal ability, corner dust removal ability, anti-drop ability, obstacle clearance ability, and automatic charging function. The reference for detection and judgment is QB/T4833-2015 Cleaning Robot for Household and Similar Purposes. The risk monitoring results show that there are 4 batches of risk found in all 10 batches of sweeping robot samples, and the overall product problem detection rate is 40%. The non-conformance items involved are: hard floor dust removal capability.


2Risk warning

This risk monitoring shows that the risk detection rate of the risk monitoring project of the sweeping robot product is high, and there are 4 batches of risks found in the total 10 batches of sweeping robot samples.

We will inform the production enterprise of the risk monitoring results, and suggest that the production enterprise strictly control the quality of product parts, strengthen the research and development of product performance and test intensity, improve the quality and safety awareness, implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, and reduce the use risk of consumers.

3Consumption tips

1Common sense when purchasing

1. When consumers choose to buy sweeping robot products, they should first choose big brands, and do not buy and use "three without" products. Big brands with good reputation have better quality control, more stable product quality, and relatively guaranteed for consumers.

2. Select formal electrical appliance stores and large supermarkets to purchase, ask for formal invoices, and keep them properly so that they can better protect their rights in case of disputes in the future.

3. At present, the price of sweeping robots of domestic mainstream brands is around 1500-3000 yuan. When purchasing, please remember not to buy brands below 1000 yuan cheaply.

2Common sense in use

1. When using the sweeping robot, the dust box of the sweeping robot should be checked in time. Once the capacity reaches about 80%, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise the working efficiency of the sweeping robot will be reduced.

2. Don't let objects such as wires or ropes fall to the ground. Otherwise, when the sweeping robot works, it is easy to suck these objects into the interior and drag them away. If it encounters fragile objects, it will be troublesome.

3. Large pieces of garbage, such as leather and rags, should be cleaned manually to avoid blocking the suction port of the sweeping robot.

4. The charging seat of the sweeping robot should be placed in an open place as far as possible, which is conducive to the rapid recognition of the intelligent sweeping robot. If it is placed in a corner, the automatic recharging time of the sweeping robot will be very long.


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