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New Year's new weather appliance market welcomes spring

With the approaching of the Spring Festival, every household begins to clean up, and it is necessary to replace some new things in the home. Therefore, the home appliance market ushers in the peak sales season. Recently, the reporter visited many markets in the city and found that a wide range of promotional activities have heated the household appliance economy.

High-end appliances are popular

A staff member of a Haier store in Redmoor said that recently, the number of people entering the store has increased significantly. Many people pay more attention to the new functions and appearance in the shopping. "This product uses AI smart chip, which can intelligently adjust the balance of air, gas and water, and monitor the initial water inflow in real time. At the same time, it can also be remotely controlled by mobile phone, so this gas water heater currently has the most customers," said the staff of the franchise store.

In the refrigerator zone, many citizens are consulting about multi-door refrigerators, and the proper terms of high-end functions such as LED full-screen lighting, oxygen resistance, dry and wet storage, and exclusive use for mothers and infants are posted at eye-catching places on each refrigerator. The staff of the store told the reporter that at present, the store has launched the New Year Festival.

Multi-functional small household appliances become the main force

Entering the small household appliance market, small household appliances of various shapes and sizes attract the public's attention. Humidifiers, electric hotpots, air fryers, mini ovens, etc. have become essential items of life this winter, adding new flavor to the upcoming Spring Festival.

In the Aegean Sea Commodity Plaza, various hot pots are filled with counters, including barbecue hot pot dual-purpose pot, mandarin duck electric hot pot, single small hot pot, etc. "The best sellers are mandarin duck pots and dual-purpose pots, and the number of people who buy them near the New Year is also increasing significantly," said a small appliance owner.

"In the past three years, people pay more attention to health and health preservation, so humidifiers with sterilization function are more popular." The boss said that now humidifiers are not only a single humidification function, but also a variety of functions such as ultraviolet sterilization, purification, alarm, intelligent control, and more popular with young people because of the increased promotional incentives in the New Year.

The reporter noted that this year, the home appliance market has made concerted efforts both online and offline, and the preferential promotion has ignited the sales market. In many online shopping platforms, promotional activities such as "New Year's Renewal" and "Smart Tide Day" have been launched for household appliances.


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