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Online and offline Qi Fali's household appliance consumption technology content is increasing

The consumption of various household appliances has become the protagonist in the consumption boom during the May Day holiday. During the short and long vacation, the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce launched the "Double Promotion, Double Prosperity, Your Consumption and My Assistance" activity, and also guided various businesses to carry out consumption promotion activities, allowing citizens to enjoy real gold and silver benefits.

In Yinzhou Wanda's Suning E-Commerce, the slogan "Low price, TESCO Group's" May Day "and" Five fold Home Appliances "can be seen everywhere. The TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other exhibition areas are crowded, and many consumers come to buy goods. Ms. Zhou, who is currently checking out, told reporters, "I saw that the activity was quite intense, and with the addition of government consumption vouchers, the price was very suitable, so I made a decisive decision to proceed

Ms. Zhang, the manager of Lichuang Electric Appliances, told reporters, "Our shopping mall has a very strong discount this time. For example, a certain refrigerator that was originally priced at 15999 yuan is now priced at 12999 yuan. Combined with Ningbo consumption vouchers and brand discounts, this refrigerator can be sold for around 10000 yuan, which is a lot of discounts

Since the first day of the May Day holiday, there have been more people coming to our shopping mall to choose home appliances, and sales have significantly increased compared to before. Some customers even pay in advance next year, taking advantage of the strong activity now, "said Ms. Zhang.

According to the analysis of the consumption market operation during the May Day holiday released by the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce on the noon of May 3rd, the total sales of 50 key monitored sample enterprises in the city during the May Day holiday (April 29th to May 3rd) were 852 million yuan, of which the sales of home appliances were 70.9351 million yuan, an increase of 12.5% year-on-year.

There are many offline promotional activities, and online e-commerce institutions are not willing to lag behind. Major e-commerce institutions are actively launching consumer promotion activities to welcome the May Day holiday. JD launched the "May Day" Renewal Week from April 29th to May 5th, and launched the "One click order for new home appliance products, enjoying three consecutive benefits", bringing consumers a worry and effort saving experience of home appliance "Renewal".

During the visit, the reporter found that in the home decoration plans of young consumers, in addition to practicality, the intelligence of home appliances has also received special attention. According to data from China Academy of Commerce and Industry, it is expected that the size of China's smart home appliance market will reach 730.4 billion yuan this year, and the smart home appliance market is showing a continuous expansion trend.

Qian Xiangjin, a distinguished professor at the School of Management of Zhejiang University, told Securities Daily: "Intelligent home appliance products are what future consumers are calling for. They can not only improve consumers' quality of life, but also achieve more interaction between consumers and products, which can better serve consumers

Wang Jianguo, founder, executive chairman, and secretary-general of the China Home Furnishing E-commerce Association, told Securities Daily: "The current consumer base of intelligent home appliances is the younger generation, who have raised their requirements for aesthetics, technology, comfort, efficiency, and more. To win in this race, home appliance companies still need to approach the needs of young people, come up with good solutions, and complete the optimal solution

For the future development prospects of home appliance enterprises on the intelligent track, the research report of Donghai Securities believes that intelligence will bring new opportunities to the home appliance market. In the digital era, not only can voice interaction and app connectivity be achieved for a single home appliance, but also the creation of intelligent artificial butlers for the entire house. For the future landscape outlook, the research report believes that many brands will compete in the high-end home appliance market, but leading brands have obvious landing advantages. Firstly, in terms of production capacity layout, the advanced production capacity of leading enterprises can ensure quality, while digital factories can ensure production efficiency; Secondly, building an ecological cooperation with the brand can win the trust of consumers through word-of-mouth; Thirdly, the leader started early in the research and development of digital interconnection technology, making it easier to establish a complete whole house management system.


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