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Small household appliances meet the requirements of "home life" fully automatic or become new air outlets

In the morning, squeeze a cup of soymilk with a juicer and bake a piece of bread with a sandwich machine. After breakfast, move out the sweeping robot to help yourself with housework. In the afternoon, use the air fryer to bake egg tarts, make dessert, and enjoy a good afternoon tea time. It is believed that this is the daily life of many young people. In their homes, small household appliances with high beauty and strong functions, such as juicers, sandwich machines, small steamers, small ovens, humidifiers and other small household appliances, can be seen everywhere, bringing convenient use experience to daily life and adding a sense of happiness to daily life.

According to the Monitoring and Case Study Report on the Consumption Trend of China's Smart Small Home Appliances Industry from 2022 to 2023 released by iMedia Consulting, China's smart small home appliances show a sustained development trend. The market scale will be 155.7 billion yuan in 2021 and is expected to reach 192.4 billion yuan in 2023. During the "Double 11" period in 2022, the air fryers, cooking machines, coffee machines and other small household appliances suitable for one or two people have increased to varying degrees. According to Suning E-Buy data, since November 2022, the sales of Suning E-Buy mini electric hot pot has increased by 90.63% month-on-month, and the sales of mini health pot has increased by 47.69% month-on-month.

The popularity of small household appliances can be reflected in many aspects. The reporter opened an e-commerce platform APP and just entered "one person" in the search box, the "one person" product options such as one person's electric cooker, one person's hot pot, one person's health pot, one person's multi-function cooker, and one person's wall-breaker immediately appeared. Click the "one person rice cooker" again, and you can see the relevant products of different household appliance brands, with prices ranging from 100 yuan to 300 yuan. The influx of brands and the variety of product design reflect the current high demand for "one person".

Why are small household appliances hot

There are many reasons why small appliances are increasingly popular. The person in charge of Midea Household Appliances told the reporter that more and more young people like home appliances, and the development of "home economy" has promoted the development of small household appliances; In addition, the change of young people's life philosophy is also the main reason. More and more young people like to enrich their lives by cooking. They believe that cooking by themselves can not only save money, but also easily achieve a sense of achievement.

From the perspective of small household appliances, there are also certain advantages, especially for young people, which can help them solve many inconveniences in life. Xu Dongsheng, vice president of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said in an interview with the reporter that everyone's appliances are usually front products for decoration or occupancy, which are durable consumer goods, and the replacement frequency is low. Small household appliances have the characteristics of portability. The products change quickly in terms of function and appearance, and the unit price is low, which is easy to replace. Compared with the attribute of traditional household durable consumer goods, small household appliances tend to be "fast consumer goods". Small household appliances have the characteristics of low unit price and high face value, and are attracting more and more attention from young people.

The small and flexible size of small household appliances is popular with young people, but at the same time, the power consumption and quality of such products are also concerned by consumers. The reporter interviewed many consumers who use different types of small household appliances. They all said that they did not find excessive power consumption at present, but there would be problems of noise or reduced efficiency after the boiler was used for a period of time. Xu Dongsheng said that in general, as long as the quality and safety of products are qualified and meet the relevant national standards, small household appliances do not have the problem of excessive power consumption.

Industry changes and challenges coexist

On the other hand, according to media survey data, the respondents have a lot of small household appliances in their homes, and many are idle. Among the idle small household appliances, induction cookers are the most popular choice, accounting for 30%. The second is yogurt machine and juice (soymilk) machine, accounting for 27.5%, and electric oven and bread machine, accounting for 22.5% and 20% respectively. In addition, there are electric kettle, microwave oven, electric pressure cooker, etc., which are all idle. Some consumers said that if they want to use it in a variety of ways like online talent, they really need to work hard and use more brains, which is not what some netizens call "necessary for lazy people".

In general, small appliances do bring convenience and surprise to life, but users need to use their hearts and minds. For small household appliance enterprises, behind the phenomenon of high idle rate of products, is the urgent need to solve the homogenization dilemma and improve the technical threshold of the industry.

From the perspective of the overall market performance in 2022, consumers in the small home appliance market have become more rational at present, and have a special preference for small home appliance products with high quality, multi-function attributes and detailed scenes. This also brings inspiration to many small home appliance enterprises. The diversified and high-quality creative small home appliances can more stimulate the enthusiasm of users.

Xu Dongsheng believes that small household appliances cover many product fields, involving different product functions, and play a positive role in improving people's quality of life and comfort. Consumers' pursuit of product function and appearance is improving, and their consumption needs are also more diverse. Enterprises need to constantly grasp and explore consumer demand, and constantly innovate in product functions, so that the types and application scenarios of small household appliances will become more and more abundant.

Hao Yang predicted that portable razors and portable water bottles will gradually grow. After the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures, the demand for travel scenarios and related products will increase. "Therefore, the replacement and iteration of small household appliances are in fact constantly adjusting with the change of consumer demand." The relevant person in charge of Midea Life Appliances believes that the development of market segments is behind the "small household appliances". To a certain extent, this part of the market will tend to be saturated. "What we need to think about is the next trend, which may be fully automatic, free of hand washing, and scientific sense."


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