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The "520" Romantic Economy is Coming, Smart Small Home Appliances Becoming the Best Choice for Gifts

Due to its homophonic pronunciation of 'I love you', '520' is referred to as a 'day of the day' by young people, and major businesses are also seizing opportunities in the 'romantic economy'. In addition to flowers and gifts, the increasingly popular smart small home appliances are also the best choice for gifts. The store manager of Jingdong Appliance in Nanjing Xinjiekou said: "The turnover of personal care products such as facial washes, massagers, electric toothbrush, razors, hair dryers has increased significantly. In addition, mobile phones and tablet computers are also the first choice for young people, and people prefer practical products." At the same time, Jingdong Five Star Appliance and offline stores of Jingdong Appliance launched 520 strength pet powder "10 billion subsidies" simultaneously, with a pre deposit of 50 yuan to upgrade the 150 yuan season subsidy coupon for pet powder, A single item can be used for up to 3000 yuan.

The "Sweet Economy" continues to unleash vitality and accelerate consumption recovery, and "520" has become a new trend of consumption that has been taken out of the circle by young people. The post-90s and post-95s, as the main population, tend to choose more practical and personalized derivative consumption, and businesses also provide more choices to meet diversified and personalized consumption needs. Offline JD Electric has also become a popular place for young consumer groups to experience products.


Every year at '520', I buy a gift to create surprise and romance for my lover, which helps to warm up our relationship. "Mr. Xie, a consumer in Gulou District, Nanjing, smiled. Compared to bouquets, my lover prefers practical gifts and this year I plan to give her a Dyson hair dryer, I have been married to my lover for three years, and I will remember the anniversary. I believe that life requires a sense of ceremony, so that ordinary and ordinary days can also be given special and unforgettable significance

With the recovery of the consumer market and the increasing rise of young consumers, smart home appliances are increasingly becoming a complex in people's lives, and aesthetics, technology, and experience are indispensable. The salesperson at JD Electric's Nanjing Xinjiekou store said, "In order to welcome the 520 sales peak, we have prepared multiple popular products to choose from in advance, which are deeply loved by young consumers

In addition to popular small home appliance products, JD Five Star Electric also collaborated with Midea to launch a new product launch event for kitchen air conditioning. At that time, it will be launched in JD Electric's offline stores, and consumers can experience it for free on-site; In addition, we also provide free water quality testing services in collaboration with multiple kitchen and bathroom brands; Netizens with needs may wish to follow in advance.



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