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The turnover increased by 160% year on year, and the refrigerator entered the "thin" era?

With the improvement of consumers' quality of life at home, the trend of home appliance integration has become increasingly obvious. Ultra-thin refrigerators have also quickly entered consumers' homes and become popular in the market.

JD 2023 Spring Festival holiday consumption trend report shows that during the Spring Festival, the turnover of ultra-thin flat-embedded refrigerators increased by more than 160% year-on-year. In addition, according to the 2022 China High-end Home Appliance Market Report, "ultra-thin refrigerators" accounted for 59.1% of the retail sales in the multi-door-to-door refrigerator market in 2022.


From the perspective of data, ultra-thin seems to have become one of the important forces to drive refrigerator consumption and pry the stock market. In order to meet the diversified needs of consumers and meet the market development, Midea, Haier, Changhong Meiling, Rongsheng, Panasonic and other brands have joined the ranks and launched ultra-thin refrigerator segmentation products. For example, Panasonic Xianshang series refrigerators adopt the kitchen and residence integration design, and the ultra-thin body is flat and embedded in the cabinet to create a kitchen and residence integration and beautiful life; Midea Microcrystal · Ultra-thin All-inserted series refrigerators are upgraded from three aspects of space, structure and function to truly realize seamless embedding; Rongsheng WILL borderless series refrigerators achieve a thickness of 600MM and a volume of more than 600L, realizing the borderless of refrigerators.

In fact, in addition to refrigerators, household appliances such as televisions, washing machines and gas stoves are also getting thinner. According to the 2022 China High-end Household Appliances Market Report, ultra-thin washing machines account for 9.1% of the retail sales in the drum washing machine market of more than 5000 yuan.

During the period of November 11, 2022, the transaction value of JD Home Appliances ultra-thin washing machine made a good start for 28 hours increased by more than 100% year on year; The ultra-thin double-tank electric water heater has achieved a year-on-year increase of more than 5 times in transaction value. In addition, according to the monitoring data of AVC, the online retail sales of ultra-thin near-range hood products in 2022 will be+180% year-on-year, and the offline market will be+218% year-on-year.

Around the growth point of "ultra-thin", household appliance brands have also launched a variety of products. Four brands, such as Midea, COLMO, Toshiba, and Little Swan, jointly released ultra-thin fully embedded washing and drying sets, and adopted the newly developed ultra-thin platform to make the body and cabinet surface pure and flat; Boss Electric has launched an ultra-thin near-range hood with a body thickness of only 18cm, which maintains strong suction while achieving a slim body; A.O. Smith introduced the Yajin version of the thin quick-heating gold Gui tank electric water heater, with a body as thin as 31.6cm, and a dual-engine quick-heating system to achieve faster heating speed; Wanjiale has launched the A3 small volume gas water heater, which is 45% smaller than the same liter gas water heater.

The reason why ultra-thin household appliances have won market recognition is, on the one hand, due to the exquisite appearance brought by ultra-thin. In the age of beauty economy, based on the pursuit of a better life, the design and beauty of the kitchen are put first by consumers. On the other hand, with the rise of domestic house prices and the smaller and smaller living area of urban residents, people have also begun to "carefully calculate" the size of household appliances. How to realize the use of the ultimate space in the limited space is the direction of consumers. Ultra-thin household appliances just meet the aesthetic needs of consumers, and they are suitable for small household types. The two complement each other.

Of course, there are also some "pseudo embedded" household appliances in the market, which not only destroy the overall beauty of the home, but also easily cause security risks. Industry experts said that ultra-thin appliances can not ignore their product performance while improving the space utilization rate. If it is just an empty shelf, the selling point of "ultra-thin" will not go far. Only by organically integrating the high-beauty appearance and strong product performance, and creating a household appliance product that integrates aesthetic design and innovative technology, can it capture the hearts of consumers.


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