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Upgrading household appliance consumption to a "competitive economy" adds fuel

Home appliances are the "Four Great Kings" of traditional consumption and a key area for restoring and expanding consumption. On May 22nd, the reporter learned from an interview that under the joint effect of continuous efforts to promote consumption on the supply side and continuous recovery on the demand side, the potential for home appliance consumption in Shenyang has gradually emerged. With the arrival of the summer consumption peak season, home appliance consumption will further add fuel to the "economy" and fuel the "fireworks".

Intelligent, healthy, and elderly friendly upgrade products are popular

Since the beginning of this year, the consumer market in the city has accelerated its recovery, and consumption of upgraded goods has continued to be active. Especially in May, there has been a sales boom in the home appliance market in Shenyang. Reporters have visited and learned that multiple home appliance stores such as Taiyuan Street and Sanhao Street have achieved a year-on-year increase of over 50% in order volume. Among them, high-end intelligent products account for over 30%, with sales growth approaching doubling year-on-year.

After experiencing the smart home scene in a mall in Pangjiang Street, Dadong District, Ms. Li, a consumer, sighed: "It's very convenient, almost as I imagined." In the scene, she only said "Open the theater mode", and the projection screen automatically lowered, the electric window curtain was pulled, and the light was adjusted to the brightness most suitable for viewing. The reporter saw on site that from small AI speakers and smart door locks to large smart kitchens, televisions, and air conditioners, smart appliances almost cover various scenes in daily life.

Environmental health is also a hot topic of concern for home appliance consumers at present. In another family scenario, all household appliances have been upgraded to healthy environmental appliances, enhancing their functionality from the perspectives of consumer health, food safety, and indoor air environment. Consumers constantly come to inquire and experience on site. The salesperson told reporters, "Since the beginning of this year, consumers have paid special attention to the health functions of home appliances, and healthy home appliances have gradually become a 'must-have' in people's lives

During the reporter's visit, it was also found that household appliances that are suitable for more life scenarios are beginning to enter the homes of elderly consumers. For example, a washing and drying machine that integrates washing and drying functions, some of which can even be iron-free, greatly saving the physical strength of the elderly. There are also "no bending" washing machines designed for the elderly, and low sugar electric rice cookers for elderly diabetes patients, all of which reflect the time-saving, labor-saving and careful health characteristics of "silver hair" appliances.

Integrated service of "delivery, installation, dismantling, and collection" to promote consumption

We are only responsible for delivering goods, and installation requires you to contact after-sales service by phone. There are dedicated staff available for on-site installation. I believe many citizens have heard similar words when purchasing household appliances. Pick up your phone and move your fingers, and everyone's electricity such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions is directly delivered to the door. However, the after-sales service that matches it is relatively lagging behind.

During the interview, the reporter learned that e-commerce platforms are implementing an integrated delivery and installation system in Shenyang, vigorously promoting home appliance consumption through the efforts of the server. Last weekend, Mr. Zhou, a citizen, purchased a TV set from Skyworth TV's JD flagship store. After delivery, the installation workers immediately helped with the installation and debugging.

According to the person in charge of JD.com Retail, JD.com has provided specialized skill training for over 10000 professional chefs, providing a 100% door-to-door service standard for home appliances and home furnishings. At the same time, we provide consumers with integrated value-added services that connect the four stages of "delivery, installation, dismantling (old), and (return)" in the home appliance category.

Summer is a traditional peak season for home appliance consumption. As the temperature gradually increases, seasonal home appliance products such as air conditioners and refrigerators will experience a sales peak. At the same time, the annual 618 promotion is also about to begin. It is understood that both e-commerce platforms and local offline stores of household appliance brands such as Midea, Gree, and Philips in Shenyang will increase their efforts in all aspects during the mid year promotion, driving a strong increase in local consumption.


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