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In May2021,the exhibition close successfully.

The International exhibition in Ningbo is a huge success, especially for SDA enterprises, visited by many customers.

According to the stats, the exhibition is well received with good results and high satisfaction. By attending this exhibition, some Ningbo enterprises communicated well with Vietnamese companies and started many co-operations. Chaired person in Ningbo Commerce Committee expressed that SDA enterprises from Ningbo were very popular, which to some extent showed the strong need for Chinese SDA products in Vietnam.There are many Chinese SDA products, quality is good while price is acceptable, some of which are very suitable for Vietnamese market. Even in the capital city like Hanoi, the hygiene and environment of cafes and food booths are not as good as in China, so, the cheap, good quality, portable mosquito killers are hot seller. Cooler products are low-cost competitive products for cooling down in tropical countries, especially for Southeastern countries like Vietnam.


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