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Summary of the SDA market in 2021

In 2021, the order for small domestic appliance increase steadily, still uncertain challenges remain, it’s important that how entrepreneurs cope with them and get out of dilemmas.

As elastic-need products, creative small appliance or influencer appliance can not go viral without the interest growing by marketing, which rises awareness, accumulate needs and then form a certain trend/fashion. To some point, the rise of emerging channels like networking e-commerce and live stream sale provide the soil for the explosive growth of the creative small appliances. Though, with the traffic fragmented by more platforms and increased difficulty to get more traffic, platform costs soar, which no doubt rises the marketing cost for all SDA brands, while to maintain brand exposure and create new “viral items”, SDA enterprise need to spend in marketing continuously. Can the traffic brought by the marketing spend turned into sales? It remains uncertain.

For SDA enterprises, there is one Achilles' heel, which is the low technology barrier. With brand logos removed, many products look almost the same, so are the functions, no obvious improving in basic performance, no product differentiation,, the whole market is stuck in the race to the lowest price.

In terms of revenue and net profit, it seems Xinbao and Bear are doing good job, though the capital is flowing out continuously, it signals to some point that capital holds weakening expectation on SDA market. As a matter of fact, with more and more SDA enters Chinese houses, the complaints also grows rapidly, besides, easy to be shelved, little after-sale service, etc. are in the way of the further development of SDA products.


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